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Rabble Studio is a new co-working creative community based in Cardiff, South Wales, at 103 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay.

103 Bute Street is an old victorian building with high ceilings, wooden floors and lots of light. Our co-working studio will be on the 3rd floor - we've got a communal lounge/work area, a kitchen, a meeting room and 16+ work stations.

We're on the lookout for people to join us and make Rabble Studio their work home. Designers, film makers, illustrators, developers, writers, photographers, creative producers, architects, art directors, makers - anyone who works in a creative field is welcome to join The Rabble. We're looking for people who want to collaborate and do amazing things, nice humans who see value in working collectively, who love what they do, start new conversations and take their side projects seriously.

If this sounds like you, we would love you to join our disorderly crowd of extraordinary people.

Get in touch to join The Rabble.

Rabble Studio Manual

- Create a work home
- Build a community
- Facilitate conversation
- Collaborate
- Work collectively
- Ask questions
- Learn & listen
- Have fun
- Make friends
- Do good work that matters
- Be nice to people
- Encourage side projects
- Get stuff done


Current Rabble

Rosa Robinson  |  Paul Thomas  |  Andrew Price  |  Lloyd Evans  |  Emma Tickner  |  Elliot Thomas  |  Tabby Milne  |  Hardey Speight  |  Amy Pay  |  Matt Ayres  |  Sam Phipps |  Eleonora Mignoli | Alex Priestley

Rabble Studio has been set up by Designer & Illustrator Dan Spain.



creative designer working out of the lounge at Rabble Studio | creative co-working community space Cardiff

Get Stuff Done Club

Can't dedicate to co-working but need space for that personal project? Join us every Tuesday evening.

  • Tuesday evenings, 5-9pm
  • Access to a likeminded support network & community
  • Discount on events & services


Rabble Studio | creative co-working community space Cardiff - laptop close up


Ideal for those who need to come and go, who love their laptops and can set up anywhere in our co-working space.

  • 3 Days per week
  • 9am - 6pm, Mon - Fri
  • Registered Business address
  • Minimum 2 month contract


the Studio at Rabble Studio | creative co-working community space Cardiff

Desk Space

If you need somewhere a bit more permanent, this is for you. Leave your stuff, Lock you stuff & come on down whenever you like.

  • 24/7 access
  • Dedicated desk space
  • Lockable Storage
  • Registered Business address
  • Minimum 2 month contract


What does that cover?

Secure access to the studio, Highspeed broadband, Access to an A3 printer, Nice people, Close to the shops, light & cosy work environment, Kitchen access, Tea, coffee and as much water as you can drink

And also, you'll be joining a great community to spend your work days with.

*Available spaces are filled via application on a first come first served basis. No hidden costs, no VAT - nice and easy!



Join the Rabble

You can apply for a co-working desk space at Rabble Studios by filling out this form.

Co-working desk space is first come first served and spaces are filled via application






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Get Stuff Done Club

Get Stuff Done Club


We want to create different opportunities for a wide community of people to make Rabble Studio their co-working home. We’ve been thinking of a few way we might do this and we’ve decided to open a club… Welcome to Get Stuff Done Club If you can’t quite dedicate yourself to co-working, don’t feel like you … Read More

Coffee Morning #2

Coffee Morning #2


If you’re interested in making Rabble Studio your work home, our coffee morning is for you! Over coffee and Portuguese pastries we’ll be chatting about the thinking behind Rabble and answering any questions you might have about applying for a co-working desk space in Cardiff. We’re open to your ideas too, as we develop the … Read More

Free Friday

Free Friday


Coworking in Cardiff is awesome! Not sure? Starting on the 12th August, we are offering up a free day in the studio to 3 people, on a Friday, for 3 weeks.


Fancy a visit to Rabble Studio? Need a bit more information? We would love to tell you more, so send us a quick email and we'll get right back to you.

Rabble Studio
3rd Floor, 103 Bute Street
Cardiff, Wales UK
CF10 5AD